L@C TV: Carlos Diaz on Enterprise Social Software, founder and CEO of blueKiwi, vidcast

Lunch at the Circle’s Per Karlsson interviews Carlos Diaz, founder and CEO of blueKiwi on February 4, 2008 at the Restaurant Maceo, Paris.

You can also listen to the full MP3 sound podcast with Carlos here.

You can download the video with Carlos Diaz here if you prefer to watch it off-line (go to the page with this specific video and you will find the download links).

Social software… FaceBook, SecondLife, Wiki… It’s just for kids or teenagers, right? Wrong! Perhaps.

There is a new breed of “enterprise social software” emerging that potentially may change the way we work and the way we collaborate. As well as the way hierarchies work in organisations. You can also think back to the days when millions of dollars were invested in enterprise “knowledge management” solutions. And change the scenario to something that may actually work and that costs only a fraction. And that is implemented and managed by line managers – not the big IT departments.

But first you have to understand what it is and start imagining what you can do with it. This is what Carlos Diaz will tell you.

Carlos Diaz is founder and CEO of blueKiwi, a French enterprise social software company. Gartner recently listed blueKiwi on its pick list for the top “Team Collaboration and Social Software” solutions. In fact, blueKiwi was the only European company on the list… (“blueKiwi has successful deployments of Web-based open collaboration solutions where the emphasis is on information sharing, strengthening of employee relationships and expert identification.” -Gartner 2007.)

Before founding blueKiwi Carlos was CEO of GroupeReflekt, a consulting company and web agency that he founded with his brother in Limoges ten years ago and recently sold to the Belgian company Emakina.

More info:
blueKiwi: http://www.bluekiwi-software.com/

Strategies for success in promoting your business on the internet in the next 18 months

Dear L@C friends here’s the next event:

Strategies for success in promoting your business on the internet in the next 18 months

with Gifford Morley-Fletcher, Strategy Director, Skive

Gifford will approach this subject from two angles: the fabled “SEO” and the power of broadband. SEO is one of the buzz words that basically just means “how do you get your site noticed by search engines and thus by customers”. It is critical for any web site to take into account how search engines rank web sites. It can, literally, be a matter of life and death for a business web site if you are on the first page or the tenth for search engine results. And it is not just a question of “build it and they will come”. You have to know how to attract search engines, and customers. The second aspect is that the increasing uptake of broadband has changed the way to build web sites and make people notice them – today you can offer “rich media”, video, animations, sound etc, in a way that was not possible just a few years ago.

And if you don’t believe that it’s important how you manage your web presence and think about how to appear from a search engine perspective, consider this: What do you think you will find if you do a Google search on “miserable failure”? You’ll be surprised. (http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/americas/3298443.stm)

Gifford Morley-Fletcher has worked in New Media since 1994, making him a bit of a ‘web dinosaur’. He is currently based in London as Strategy Director at Skive, an award-winning digital strategy and design agency based in London, responsible for developing interactive web sites, games and promotions for brands such as Reebok, Playstation, McDonalds and Gillette. During his career, he has worked in all areas of web development and online marketing, most recently spending 4 years in Paris where he was a founder of LSF Interactive, specialists in SEO, Paid Search and online lead generation.

– Wednesday March 19

– Lunch starts at 12.15-12.30 and ends at 14.00

– Inscription: By email only and I will confirm.

– Pre-registration required

L@C TV: Carlos Escapa, CEO of VMWare, on virtualization

Virtualization with Carlos Escapa, VMWare

Once in a while computing becomes interesting again. A new technology comes to maturity and turns everything up side down. This is what is happening right now with “virtualization”. A big battle is going on between Microsoft, IBM, HP, Citrix, VMWare and others. Come, to understand what is virtualization, why it is radically changing the way IS operates and how it is impacting new services and users … and wait until September 18th to buy a new PC!

Carlos Escapa is VMWare’s Regional Director in Southern Europe since November 2006. Prior to his current assignment, Carlos was with Sterling Software and Computer Associates as Business Development Director in Japan, Sales Director in France and Vice-President of channels in Europe.

A native of Valladolid, Spain, Carlos has a Bachelor’s Degree from Illinois State University and a Master’s Degree from Virginia Tech, both in Computer Science. He is based in Barcelona.

L@C TV: Louis Nauges on Enterprises and Web 2.0

“How can enterprises catch up with consumers on Web 2.0” with Louis Naugès

Consumers have taken to “Web 2.0” rapidly. Over the last year or so there’s been a massive uptake and general acceptance of much that can be labelled Web 2.0: blogs & wikis, of course, but also for example “software-less” applications like “Office 2.0” and Google Apps (why buy a license if you can get the service for free online?), MySpace and other “communities”, video sharing sites like YouTube and DailyMotion, internet telephony with Skype, Wikipedia, wireless everywhere, peer-to-peer file sharing and distribution…

So where are the enterprises in all this? Most are nowhere. Louis Naugès will chart a path for how enterprises can catch up with consumers and up-to-date employees who are of the digital age…

Louis Naugès is president and founder of Microcost, a company that, according to its web site “guides enterprises through the revolutionary transition from existing legacy systems into the future era of web based autonomic computing and assists them as a trusted partner with ongoing evolution. http://microcost.com and http://nauges.typepad.com/.

L@C Documentation: “My web site is up. Now what?”

Last L@C we ran a pre-session with Emmanuel Podvin (Intersel, www.intersel.org) for those of you who had the question in the headlin in your thoughts. Or:
– What are the basic things I need to do the get an internet footprint? Web hosting? Blog? Html? Flash? Web 2.0? Newsletter?
– So, I have a web site, but no one finds it. Why….? What do I need to do? Do I need an SEO consultant? Oh, and what’s this “SEO” thing?
– Perhaps I should think of if bright colours and jazzy type face fits with the image I want to have… How do I make my web site look and feel professional?
– How do I make it work better…

Here’s a brief document from Emmanuel on some of the main points. (download the pdf)

The file is only available to L@C participants. To open it you will need the password that has been sent to you in an email. (Or contact me.)