Past speakers at Lunch at the Circle

Here are a few of the speakers that we have previously welcomed at Lunch at the Circle. Most of our speakers come from the technology sector, in a broad sense, with an operational and business perspective.

We welcome suggestions for future speakers.

  • International (financial) entrepreneurship in the age of internet and disruptive innovation
    – Jörgen Eriksson
  • L‘hypnose thérapeutique, comment peut-elle contribuer à l’optimisation des performances
    – Le docteur Laurent Taton
  • On Mergers & Acquisitions
    – Martin McCourt was Executive Vice President M&A and on the management board at Gemalto for around a decade
  • “How I created Lauritz.com and made it Scandinavia’s biggest auction house”
    – Bengt Sundstrøm, founder, owner and president of Lauritz.com
  • Growing your business on unknown markets
    – Tom Thorelli, founder and managing partner, Thorelli Law Firm Chicago
  • A design and web entrepreneur: “How I created l’Usine @ Design”
    – Emilie Gobin, co-founder and CEO of Usine @ Design
  • ROI in online marketing. How can you measure success and effectiveness?
    – Sophie Callies, founder & CEO of SO’xperts
  • Talent management in technology, challenges and solutions.
    – Marc Timmerman, Axiom Consulting
  • Information security in a world with both traditional IT and social networking: it’s all about people
    – Joseph Graceffa, co-founder and CTO of Advens
  • FSI, investing in the technology sector
    – Marc Julien, director of technology and environment portfolio, FSI
  • Teams That Work
    – Lindsay Adams, President, Teamocracy
  • Selling Ideas
    – David Ednie, Founder/President, Sales Channel Europe
  • Web presence strategy
    – Gifford Morley-Fletcher, Strategy Director, Skive
  • Enterprise Social Software
    – Carlos Diaz, Founder & CEO, blueKiwi
  • Detective Marketing
    – Stefan Engeseth, Founder & CEO, Detective Marketing
  • Virtualization
    – Carlos Escapa, Director Europe, VMWare
  • How can enterprises catch up with consumers on Web 2.0?
    – Louis Nauges, founder, Microcost
  • My web site is up. Now what?
    – Emmanuel Podvin, founder, Intersel
  • Pitching to Win
    – Philippe Jeanmaire, founder, Team Performance
  • Innovation in the Internet Age
    – Serge Soudoplatoff, founder & president, Almatropie
  • French Vertigo – Is France in terminal decline?
    – Peter Gumbel, senior writer, Time Magazine
  • Software as a Service – SaaS
    – Robert Steggles, Director of Marketing, NTT Online Europe
  • Time for text-to-speech – finally?
    – Roy Lindemann, manager France, and co-owner, ReadSpeaker
  • Where the internet is moving; video on the internet; vpod.tv
    – Rodrigo Sepulveda Schulz, founder of vpod.tv
  • Buzz Marketing
    – Emmanuel Vivier, founder and CEO, Culture Buzz
  • “The journalist made me say it” – mini-workshop on how to deal with media
    – Amy Porter, founder of Star Speeches, media consultant
  • The Long Tail, marketing revolutionised
    – Erik Larsson, VP marketing, Netcentrex
  • PriceMinister.com – the business model and history
    – Pierre Kosciusko-Morizet, founder of PriceMinister
  • What happens with “old media” in the “new world”
    – Meredith Artley, editor and director, IHT.com
  • Broader Broadband
    – Jean-Michel Billaut, internet and networking consultant and “guru”
  • Social Networking and Internet Networking Sites’ business models
    – Alain Lefebvre, founder of 6nergies.net (and previously of SQLI)
  • Blogging
    – Loïc Le Meur, serial entrepreneur and head of Six Apart Europe, and
    – Jacques Froissant, head of Altaid Executive Search.
  • Outsourcing and Offshoring
    – Rebecca Scholl, Director of Market Strategy, ACS (previously lead analyst at Gartner for outsourcing)
  • RF devices
    – Claudia Wolosin, Editor, RFID International Newsletter
  • What’s happening in the US tech sector – impressions from a traveller
    – Susan Lucas-Conwell, Founder, Clear Day Consulting
  • China and the Technology Sector
    – Jean-Charles Doineau, Research Director, Ovum
  • Grid computing
    – Laurent Charreyron, Executive VP, GridXpert
  • Open Source – why is it important?
    – Tristan Nitot, Founder and President Mozilla Europe and open source evangelist
  • What are today’s requirements on technology managers? or How to sell yourself to head hunters.
    – Caroline Apffel, Russel Reynolds,
    – Francesca Lahiguera, Mercier and Partners,
    – Catherine Ducros, Whitehead Mann
  • Current trends in technology marketing
    – Erik Larsson, founder, Martenhus Consulting
  • VoIP – finally ready for the market?
    – Marc Couraud, marketing director LDCom, Philippe Diez, Head of Business development Alcatel
  • WiFi – What’s the business model (is there one?)?
    – Marc Taieb, founder of a WiFi operator, Rick Thomson, founder, TCF (Technology Consulting and Finance)
  • Mobile marketing and mobile campaigning
    – Elias Moubayed, industry specialist and advisor to various companies
  • IT Security – what’s happening, what’s important
    – Christian Simatos, independent consultant, ex-head of IT Schlumberger
  • Biometrics – Does it work? Where is the business?
    – Michael Klug, Istec-Thykva


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