L@C TV: Carlos Diaz on Enterprise Social Software, founder and CEO of blueKiwi, vidcast

Lunch at the Circle’s Per Karlsson interviews Carlos Diaz, founder and CEO of blueKiwi on February 4, 2008 at the Restaurant Maceo, Paris.

You can also listen to the full MP3 sound podcast with Carlos here.

You can download the video with Carlos Diaz here if you prefer to watch it off-line (go to the page with this specific video and you will find the download links).

Social software… FaceBook, SecondLife, Wiki… It’s just for kids or teenagers, right? Wrong! Perhaps.

There is a new breed of “enterprise social software” emerging that potentially may change the way we work and the way we collaborate. As well as the way hierarchies work in organisations. You can also think back to the days when millions of dollars were invested in enterprise “knowledge management” solutions. And change the scenario to something that may actually work and that costs only a fraction. And that is implemented and managed by line managers – not the big IT departments.

But first you have to understand what it is and start imagining what you can do with it. This is what Carlos Diaz will tell you.

Carlos Diaz is founder and CEO of blueKiwi, a French enterprise social software company. Gartner recently listed blueKiwi on its pick list for the top “Team Collaboration and Social Software” solutions. In fact, blueKiwi was the only European company on the list… (“blueKiwi has successful deployments of Web-based open collaboration solutions where the emphasis is on information sharing, strengthening of employee relationships and expert identification.” -Gartner 2007.)

Before founding blueKiwi Carlos was CEO of GroupeReflekt, a consulting company and web agency that he founded with his brother in Limoges ten years ago and recently sold to the Belgian company Emakina.

More info:
blueKiwi: http://www.bluekiwi-software.com/

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