L@C Documentation: “My web site is up. Now what?”

Last L@C we ran a pre-session with Emmanuel Podvin (Intersel, www.intersel.org) for those of you who had the question in the headlin in your thoughts. Or:
– What are the basic things I need to do the get an internet footprint? Web hosting? Blog? Html? Flash? Web 2.0? Newsletter?
– So, I have a web site, but no one finds it. Why….? What do I need to do? Do I need an SEO consultant? Oh, and what’s this “SEO” thing?
– Perhaps I should think of if bright colours and jazzy type face fits with the image I want to have… How do I make my web site look and feel professional?
– How do I make it work better…

Here’s a brief document from Emmanuel on some of the main points. (download the pdf)

The file is only available to L@C participants. To open it you will need the password that has been sent to you in an email. (Or contact me.)

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