L@C TV: Carlos Escapa, CEO of VMWare, on virtualization

Virtualization with Carlos Escapa, VMWare

Once in a while computing becomes interesting again. A new technology comes to maturity and turns everything up side down. This is what is happening right now with “virtualization”. A big battle is going on between Microsoft, IBM, HP, Citrix, VMWare and others. Come, to understand what is virtualization, why it is radically changing the way IS operates and how it is impacting new services and users … and wait until September 18th to buy a new PC!

Carlos Escapa is VMWare’s Regional Director in Southern Europe since November 2006. Prior to his current assignment, Carlos was with Sterling Software and Computer Associates as Business Development Director in Japan, Sales Director in France and Vice-President of channels in Europe.

A native of Valladolid, Spain, Carlos has a Bachelor’s Degree from Illinois State University and a Master’s Degree from Virginia Tech, both in Computer Science. He is based in Barcelona.

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