L@C TV: “French Virtigo: Is French business and French society in terminal decline?” with Peter Gumbel, Time Magazine

Peter Gumbel

Peter Gumbel

Peter is Time Magazine’s senior writer in France. You have no doubt read some of his articles. He has a long career in journalism (Reuters, Wall Street Journal, Time) with a stint in the dotcom venture Business.com in the early 2000s as an extra spice.

On March 9 he talked about his book, French Vertigo (buy the book on Amazon here), and about the upcoming French presidential election of course.

Watch the vidcast

Here’s an 11 minute video interview with Peter on his views on French society and French business. Click on the image (L@C logo) below to view.


Listen to the podcast

If you want to know more you can listen to the podcast that we recorded at the Lunch at the Circle event when Peter spoke.

Download the podcast here (1h12m, 33MB).

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