Next L@C event: Innovation in the internet age with Serge Soudoplatoff

Wednesday, April 4

“Innovation in the Internet Age” with Serge Soudoplatoff

Can you promote innovation? Or is it simply a thing that happens in brilliant minds?

More than being yet another technological invention, the internet has totally changed the life of over one billion people, in a time frame of only 14 years. Why is it so? What is the real impact of Internet? How can you use it to create more value? How does the innovation processes that led to internet in turn help people and companies to be more innovative?

Examples such as “second life” or Wikipedia are some of the keys to understand this revolution.

Serge Soudoplatoff is founder and president of Almatropie, a foundation that promotes intelligent use of the internet and innovation. His previous career includes: co-founder of Highdeal, a company providing software solutions to telcos and internet operators; director of Cap Gemini’s R&D activity , director at France Telecom Innovation centre, as well as positions in higher education and research. He has written a book, “Avec Internet, où allons-nous” (“With the internet, where will we end up?”). You can download the book on Serge’s web site.

Serge will talk about how you can facilitate and promote innovation and how the internet can make your organisation more innovative.

More info on Serge and on Almatropie here:

– Wednesday April 4
– Lunch starts at 12.15-12.30 and ends at 14.00
– Inscription: By email only and I will confirm.
– Pre-registration required

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