next L@C event: “Is French business and French society in terminal decline?” with Peter Gumbel, Time Magazine

The next L@C lunch event will be:

— Friday March 9
— “Is French business and French society in terminal decline?” with Peter Gumbel, Time Magazine.

Peter is Time Magazine’s senior writer in France. You have no doubt read some of his articles. He has a long career in journalism (Reuters, Wall Street Journal, Time) with a stint in the dotcom venture in the early 2000s as an extra spice. His talk will be based on his recently published book French Vertigo.

The best way to introduce Peter is perhaps to quote himself: “I reckon it’s time to say enough is enough. […] France isn’t in great shape economically, but it’s clear to me that the situation isn’t nearly as terrible as French doomsayers would have the country believe. […] I’ve been a journalist and foreign correspondent for more than 20 years. Since 2002, I’ve been based in Paris as a senior writer for TIME Magazine, mainly covering the European economy and business scene. […] I spent 16 years at (the Wall Street Journal), working in New York, Moscow, Paris, Berlin and Los Angeles. […] The high point of my career to date was my 1988-1992 assignment in Russia. I covered the rise and fall of President Gorbachev, culminating in the 1991 coup against him and the subsequent collapse of the Soviet Union. I’ve won a number of journalism awards, including two from the Overseas Press Club of America for my Moscow reporting. In January 2006, the London-based Work Foundation named me Journalist of the Year. I took a year out from print journalism in 2000 to help found an Internet startup, It was supposed to be a business information site modeled on Yahoo! but it didn’t become the big success we’d hoped for.” From Peter’s website on his new book. (And I can perhaps add that BKWine was one interviewed by Peter and appears in the book)

The book’s web site:
Peter’s blog:

– Friday March 9
– We limit participation to ~20 seats.
– Inscription: By email only and I will confirm.
– Pre-registration required

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