L@C TV: Philippe Jeanmaire vidcast

Here’s a short interview with Philippe Jeanmaire.

From the L@C session “Pitching to Win”:

Persuading people. How do you convince your investors to put money in your company? How do you convince that big prospect of yours that your proposal is actually not expensive at all but very good value? How do you convince the market that your latest widget will be a hit?

With the bid for 2012 Olympic Games as a background Philippe Jeanmaire will cover the 9 typical “mistakes” – what you should not do. Then we will look at way to make a difference. This may give you ideas to promote new concepts and business opportunities to investors, customers and others. Or how to find capital for your venture.

After being a global consulting partner with Deloitte and spent more than 15 years in Australia and US, Philippe has also previously created the French subsidiary of a global communication consultancy. He is now launching a new venture “Team Performance” to help leaders and their teams accelerate the achievement of results through new ways of thinking, being, communication and doing. Philippe will draw on his experience both from launching a brand new small venture in France as well as from his previous international business experience.

Web: www.team-performance.biz

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