L@C Event: “How can enterprises catch up with consumers on Web 2.0” with Louis Naugès, June 20

Wednesday, June 20
“How can enterprises catch up with consumers on Web 2.0” with Louis Naugès

Consumers have taken to “Web 2.0” rapidly. Over the last year or so there’s been a massive uptake and general acceptance of much that can be labelled Web 2.0: blogs & wikis, of course, but also for example “software-less” applications like “Office 2.0” and Google Apps (why buy a license if you can get the service for free online?), MySpace and other “communities”, video sharing sites like YouTube and DailyMotion, internet telephony with Skype, Wikipedia, wireless everywhere, peer-to-peer file sharing and distribution…

So where are the enterprises in all this? Most are nowhere. Louis Naugès will chart a path for how enterprises can catch up with consumers and up-to-date employees who are of the digital age…

Louis Naugès is president and founder of Microcost, a company that, according to its web site “guides enterprises through the revolutionary transition from existing legacy systems into the future era of web based autonomic computing and assists them as a trusted partner with ongoing evolution. http://microcost.com and http://nauges.typepad.com/.

SPECIAL ADD-ON: So, I’m on the internet. What now?

As an add-on module to this lunch we will have a workshop for those of you who might ask yourself the question in the headline? Or actually even for those of you who are not yet there.

– What are the basic things I need to do the get an internet footprint? Web hosting? Blog? Html? Flash? Web 2.0? Newsletter?
– So, I have a web site, but no one finds it. Why….? What do I need to do? Do I need an SEO consultant? Oh, and what’s this “SEO” thing?
– Perhaps I should think of if bright colours and jazzy type face fits with the image I want to have… How do I make my web site look and feel professional?
– How do I make it work better…

This is not a formal presentation but a discussion workshop managed by Emmanuel Podvin (http://www.intersel.org/) who is specialised in working with small companies to develop an effective internet presence.

We have many L@C participants who run a small or individual business (consultant or other). Some of you have perhaps a site, some of you perhaps not yet. This is for you. You don’t have an IT department (or just a small one), and you might be thinking that perhaps you could do something, or something more clever, with a web site.


– This is separate from the lunch. You don’t need to come to this workshop to participate in the lunch.
– Come prepared with your questions. The session is entirely based on what your concerns are.
– Time and place: just before lunch, 11.00 sharp to 12.00 in the same place.
– Don’t forget to let me know if you want to participate in this pre-session AND the lunch when you register.

When, Where, How

– Wednesday June 20
– Lunch starts at 12.15-12.30 and ends at 14.00
– We limit participation to ~20 seats
– Inscription: By email only and I will confirm
– Pre-registration required


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