L@C TV: ROI in online marketing. With Sophie Callies, SO’xperts

ROI in online marketing. How can you measure success and effectiveness? With Sophie Callies, SO’xperts

Some while back we had a Lunch at the Circle event with Sophie Callie, who spoke on how to measure return on investment in marketing on the internet. Here’s a short video interview with Sophie:

Sophie talked about marketing in a digital and conversational world  where metrics are all over the place and where return on investments is very hard to evaluate. Yet an increasing part of the marketing dollars are spent online and on social media. She talked about benchmarks and best practices and will show some examples of high tech companies that are leveraging social media for pipeline building and cross-selling.

Sophie Callies founded SO’xperts in 2007, a consulting company specialized in marketing performance management.

Before founding SO’xperts, Sophie had a track record in driving marketing performance at worldwide level in fast growing companies such as Apple, Netscape, AOL, Alcatel and Cartesis. More information on Sophie here: http://fr.linkedin.com/in/sophiecallies and on her company SO’xperts: http://www.so-xperts.com/. Sophie was also a driving force in the creation of Lunch at the Circle back in, oh, 2003!