L@C TV: Stefan Engeseth on Detektive Marketing

Interview with Stefan Engeseth, November 9, 2007 at Restaurant Maceo, Paris.

“Detective Marketing”…? Stefan Engeseth describes it like this: “to find what’s hidden in the blind spot and to see what your competitors don’t see”. Creative and unusual marketing. Understanding customer requirements differently. Detective Marketing is a concept Stefan created that focuses on “detecting” hidden possibilities and unrealised potentials in companies. It’s built around a structured methodology but Stefan will bring it to life with several examples, both surprising, amusing and unusual. Stefan comes to Paris specifically to speak at the L@C.

Stefan Engeseth is author, consultant and speaker. He is founder and CEO of Detective Marketing Consulting. Stefan’s ideas range from innovative and future-oriented to bordering on the far-fetched. Yet, they all build on the universal truth that without innovation and visions, companies will not grow in today’s highly competitive business world. “The question is, how far are you prepared to go?” Over the years, Stefan Engeseth has worked as a consultant with many international companies and Fortune 500 corporations. He has been described as on of the world’s leading experts and speakers in his field.

Stefan has written two books: “Detective Marketing: Creative Common Sense in Business” and “ONE: A Consumer Revolution for Business”. He is currently working on his third book.

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