L@C TV: Lindsay Adams speaks on Teams that work

This is a video interview from the Lunch at the Circle event on November 17 with Lindsay Adams.

Lindsay Adams speaks on Teams that work: “Teamwork as we knew it in organisations is dead”.

In this presentation Lindsay focuses on the elements that are now needed to work in “Teams That Work”. In the sixties and seventies academic researchers formulated models around teamwork that some companies today are still following at their peril. Lindsay will share his current research that shows teams now function in entirely different ways.

In today’s fast paced business environment business owners and leaders have to take into account a different set of factors when addressing the make-up and management of their teams. With organisations downsizing, resizing and remodelling it is imperative to have the right tools to manage the key to your organisations success, your teams!

You will learn how you to build effective teams while taking advantage of the constantly moving talent pool in your organisation.” Lindsay is founder and director of Teamocracy, a company helping corporations work more effectively by doing better teamwork: http://www.teamocracy.com/.

Lindsay is Australian and comes to Paris for a few speaking engagements, one of which is L@C. He is also president of the Federation for Professional Speakers. Lindsay comes to speak at L@C thanks to David Ednie.

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