L@C TV: David Ednie on Selling Your Ideas, vidcast

L@C May 30: Selling your ideas to technology-agnostic decision makers

— The 4 vital questions you must ask to create rapport, build trust and get the outcome you want in every situation — with David Ednie, founder and President of SalesChannel Europe

David talked to us about “Selling Your Ideas. The Art of Persuasion” with a particular focus on how to sell technology to “technology agnostic” C-level managers. This is how David describes the theme: “Selling Your Ideas transcends selling products or services, your company, or even yourself. Selling Your Ideas is the most critical skill you need today to succeed in business and in life. In this interactive discussion you will learn how to:

• Leverage the Psychology of Change
• Ask questions in colour
• CREATE insights in others

Learn how to master the 3 steps to Selling Your Ideas. The Art of Persuasion and make them work for you.”

David is an expert in sales performance and motivation and President of SalesChannel Europe (http://www.saleschannel-europe.com/, http://saleschannel.blogspot.com/). He has previously worked in various senior management roles in the technology sector, e.g. as Vice-President of International Sales at Genuity Inc. and at BT. He is also one of the founding members of the French Professional Speakers’ association. And a familiar face to many of you who come to Lunch at the Circle!

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