Emilie Gobin, design and web entrepreneur: “how I created l’Usine @ Design”

The next Lunch at the Circle event will be on Thursday February 16 with Emilie Gobin, CEO and co-founder of Usine á Design:

A design and web entrepreneur: “how I created l’Usine @ Design”

Emilie Gobin is co-founder and CEO of Usine-à-Désign, an e-shop that sells custom made designer furniture directly to consumers at affordable prices. She will tell us her story: from how she started the company, over the challenges of raising over a million euros in capital to get it off the ground, to dealing with designers (you know!). In short, the story of how a young and successful French entrepreneur manages to survive! Emilie will speak in French.

More info here: http://www.usineadesign.com, and here: http://www.linkedin.com/in/emiliegobin

You can learn more about Emilie in these videos:


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