L@C on June 5: Anne-Céline Martel: On interim management

Join us for the next speaker lunch, with Anne-Céline Martel, who will speak on being an interim manager.

Relevant, for example, if:

  • You use or might use an interim manager for speeding up company transformation. How to do it better.
  • You might consider working as an interim manager yourself. How to be successful.

Anne-Céline Martel has worked as an interim executive manager since 2012. She will talk about how she began and how others can do it, why companies resort to outside temporary executives (quite different from consultants), and what the keys are to being successful.

After a 20+ years in corporate executive roles, Anne-Celine decided to continue transforming companies, but in a new role, as interim executive manager. She has since accompanied companies ranging from 100 to 10,000 employees, on short term assignments as a Chief Transformation Officer, CEO or other change-driving roles. Her missions have covered a wide range of responsibilities including implementing post-merger acquisitions, restructuring businesses, optimising performance and delivering changes in business models. Anne-Celine is a graduate of INSEAD and a pilot on her free time.

Next L@C lunch:

  • Date: Monday June 5 (the day before the fête nationale suédoise)
  • Time: You’re welcome from 12.00. We sit down at the table at 12.30.
  • Place:
  • Speaker:
  • Fare:

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