Enterprise Social Software with Carlos Diaz, founder and CEO of blueKiwi, February 4, 2008

— Monday, February 4
— Enterprise Social Software with Carlos Diaz, founder and CEO of blueKiwi
— “Social Software: a new opportunity for enterprises”

Social software… FaceBook, SecondLife, Wiki… It’s just for kids or teenagers, right? Wrong! Perhaps.

There is a new breed of “enterprise social software” emerging that potentially may change the way we work and the way we collaborate. As well as the way hierarchies work in organisations. You can also think back to the days when millions of dollars were invested in enterprise “knowledge management” solutions. And change the scenario to something that may actually work and that costs only a fraction. And that is implemented and managed by line managers – not the big IT departments.

But first you have to understand what it is and start imagining what you can do with it. This is what Carlos Diaz will tell you.

Carlos Diaz is founder and CEO of blueKiwi, a French enterprise social software company. Gartner recently listed blueKiwi on its pick list for the top “Team Collaboration and Social Software” solutions. In fact, blueKiwi was the only European company on the list… (“blueKiwi has successful deployments of Web-based open collaboration solutions where the emphasis is on information sharing, strengthening of employee relationships and expert identification.” -Gartner 2007.)

Before founding blueKiwi Carlos was CEO of GroupeReflekt, a consulting company and web agency that he founded with his brother in Limoges ten years ago and recently sold to the Belgian company Emakina.

More info:
blueKiwi: http://www.bluekiwi-software.com/
Sofinnova Partners on blueKiwi and Gartner: www.sofinnova.fr/blueKiwi

– Monday February 4
– Lunch starts at 12.15-12.30 and ends at 14.00
– Inscription: By email only and I will confirm.
– Pre-registration required

Podcast: Serge Soudoplatoff, internet future and innovation

Serge Soudoplatoff, co-founder of Highdeal, founder and president of Almatropie, talks about his views on where the internet is going, why MySpace will change the world, how the internet can help (or hinder?) the innovation process and about change in the technology industry. And about being a French and international entrepreneur.

Listen to the podcast here. (download the mp3 file)

L@C book: Misez sur les ruptures de marché

medium_misezsurlesruptures_2_1_.gifBenoit Sarrazin, longtime Lunch at the Circle participant, has just published a new book: Misez sur les ruptures de marché – 20 stories about successful innovations. What are the keys to win on markets in “rupture”, how do you create innovation in uncertain environments.

Here are some of the stories Benoit tells:
– La photographie, un marché aux multiples ruptures,Misezsurlesruptures_2
– Salomon et l’Adventure Running,
– Lemonnier Transports et les enchères inversées,
– La presse écrite et l’Internet,
– Hub Télécom et les Hotspots wifi,
– Business Objects et la Business Intelligence,
– 6nergies et les réseaux sociaux,
– LSO international et le tourisme évènementiel,
– TTE et la télévision grand public

Read more about the book (and buy it) here:
Misez sur les ruptures de marché

L@C TV: Philippe Jeanmaire vidcast

Here’s a short interview with Philippe Jeanmaire.

From the L@C session “Pitching to Win”:

Persuading people. How do you convince your investors to put money in your company? How do you convince that big prospect of yours that your proposal is actually not expensive at all but very good value? How do you convince the market that your latest widget will be a hit?

With the bid for 2012 Olympic Games as a background Philippe Jeanmaire will cover the 9 typical “mistakes” – what you should not do. Then we will look at way to make a difference. This may give you ideas to promote new concepts and business opportunities to investors, customers and others. Or how to find capital for your venture.

After being a global consulting partner with Deloitte and spent more than 15 years in Australia and US, Philippe has also previously created the French subsidiary of a global communication consultancy. He is now launching a new venture “Team Performance” to help leaders and their teams accelerate the achievement of results through new ways of thinking, being, communication and doing. Philippe will draw on his experience both from launching a brand new small venture in France as well as from his previous international business experience.

Web: www.team-performance.biz

More on SalesChannel Europe

Here’s the CEO Europe text in English:

To help you to turn your opportunities into success stories, we send you with our New Year Greetings 2007 the interesting and stimulating e-book ” 10 Ways To Find More Prospects ” written by one of our certified top executives, David Ednie, who is internationally acknowledged as an expert in Sales Performance Motivation, International Sales and Sales Channels. David has over 20 years International business experience, working in culturally diverse markets in Europe, the Middle East, Africa and the Emerging Markets of Central and Eastern Europe. David is an Australian national and is based in Paris, France for many years.

L@C member David Ednie featured on CEO Europe

Happened to see in the latest mailing from CEO Europe a name I recognized: David Ednie (thanks Jean-Paul for making sure I didn’t miss it!).

David runs the consulting company SalesChannel Europe and has recently published an ebook on, yes, sales.

Here’s what CEO Europe has to say:

Pour vous aider à transformer vos opportunités en succès, nous vous envoyons avec nos meilleurs vœux pour l’année 2007, un ebook intéressant et stimulant : « 10 méthodes pour trouver de nouveaux prospects ». Il est rédigé par l’un de nos cadres dirigeants certifiés, David Ednie, qui est reconnu internationalement comme un expert dans les domaines de la motivation des forces de ventes, le commerce international et les canaux de vente.

David a plus de 20 ans d’expérience, acquis sur des marchés aux cultures différentes en Europe, au Moyen Orient, en Afrique et dans les marchés émergents d’Europe Centrale et de l’Est. David est australien et vit à Paris, en France.

Pour télécharger gratuitement ce livre (en anglais uniquement) , click here

“Leverage Your Client’s Supply Chain. The idea here is to prospect amongst your client’s customers, suppliers, partners or competitors. In other words, look for sales opportunities in your client’s “business eco-system”. Let me give you 3 simple examples of how you can do this…..”

Pour accéder à la short bio de David Ednie , cliquez ici

Pour lire nos derniers testimoniaux clients et candidats : cliquez ici

Nous vous souhaitons bonheur et réussite pour cette nouvelle année !

Here’s the SalesChannel Europe site (where you can get the free ebook):

The Long Tail

Previous event, April 2006

medium_Erik_Larsson_200px_1_.jpgErik Larsson, Vice President of Marketing at Netcentrex, talks about the concept of the “Long Tail” and gives us the short tale of how new technology will shift away from a focus on a small number of mainstream “hits” at the head of the demand curve (80/20) rule and towards a huge number of niches in the tail of the curve.

Download the podcast (37MB, 1h18).

“The Long Tail”, first coined by Chris Anderson in Wired Magazine in October 2004:

Wikipedia entry

Original Wired article